Zoologie "Suzuki" Red/Sand/Navy Rain Jacket

The best thing to come out of Australia since Kiss Kiss by Holly Valance.
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Name three fashionable Australians. Go on, I'll wait.

None. Aren't any. You just wasted nine seconds, idiot.

Despite this obvious fucking stumbling block, Oz label Zoologie are coming good with their new gear, especially in the classic silhouette of this cracking waterproof. It's 32% cotton, 55% polyester and 13% nylon and 100% properly great because fuck maths, I just like jackets.

The three-stripe blocking is a perennial favourite and the contrast gingham lining is a nice touch, Zoologie's price point might look a *little* bit steep but they're Australian so the $219 price-tag is like £119 - which is totally fine. The build quality is outstanding with thick cotton detailing and leather accoutrements. Lol, "accoutrements" - great word.

The Suzuki jacket by Zoologie is available now at Capsule.

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