Manchester's Dilapidated Estate Pubs

Here's a collection of Manchester's special breed of establishment, the estate pub. Not always pretty but full of character, catch a glimpse before they all get knocked down...
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Manchester, arguably the world’s first truly industrial city, has undergone more regeneration efforts than most during the last century. The influx of workers to ‘Cottonopolis’ in the 1800s meant that inner city districts such as Ancoats, Hulme, Moss Side, and old Salford were filled with Coronation Street-style houses by the mid-twentieth century. But as the factories slowly disappeared, so did many of the people as their houses were razed to make way for brutal high-rise flats and grim council estates. Communities and extended families were ripped apart and dissipated all over Greater Manchester, and in most cases, the community focal points – their public houses – were pulled down too. A by-product of these regeneration attempts was the ‘estate pub’. These were hastily thrown up, unapologetically functional, and usually quite intimidating boozers built to serve the new housing. Those who moved into the new estates were a mix of old locals, immigrants, students, and in the case of the notorious Hulme Crescents, musicians and rebels, but they all embraced their new pubs with gusto. Manchester’s inner city estate pubs arrived in the 1960s and ’70s – Britain’s pub heydays – but most have already been lost to the next wave of regenerations.

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