How To Book Flights Like A Pro

You know when you see something and think "why hasn't anyone done that before?'
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We've found a better way to book flights. It's called Genius Flight, and once you've used it you'll probably never use anything else again.

The concept is simple: you enter your departure city, your dates, and your budget. Then, using a network of over 1000 airlines you get a map of options to choose from, like this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 14.58.32

Look at all those bloody places you can go! Perfect if you're looking for inspiration and haven't decided where to travel yet, which always makes for the best holidays. For the money it costs to fly to Paris, you could be off to Marrakech. It's just a question of knowing the stats.

The prices include taxes, so the chance of you getting stung at the checkout which has become the norm for booking flights, is reduced. It's essentially a price comparison website for flights, which comes at a perfect time when holidaymakers are more likely to tailor our own breaks, rather than buying off-the-peg package deals.

If you've got your flights but need somewhere to stay - they do that too. There's a second half to the website which uses the same concept to find you a hotel. Bosh.

Visit their website and give it a go

Or follow them on Twitter @GeniusFlight