Eat New York On A Super Budget

Off to the Apple for Xmas? Then you'll need to save on grub so you can spend in the shops. Here is how to do it...
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Croxley Ales

If you have never eaten Buffalo wings. You must. You just have to. It’s essentially butter and hot sauce mixed together but it’s life changing. At Croxley Ales on Avenue B they do them cheaply. They have 10 Cent Buffalo wings Monday to Thursday. Free wings on Friday. 20 cents on Saturday and Sunday. They even do a weekly special beer for $4. If you don’t like the special beer they have then there are over 30 drafts and well over a hundred bottles to choose from. It’s a cheap must.

Shake Shack

In the middle of Madison Square Park is a Burger Stand. It’s called Shake Shack and it does one of the top burgers in the city for only $4. Better still, if the weather is nice they have chair and tables in the park so you can sit and be surrounded by some of the most beautiful buildings in the city. But the burger is key. 45 minute lines testify to that.

Bar 169

80 years old. Deep in chinatown this is, for me, the best bar in the city. No attitude. No show offs. Just $3 beers. $5 beer and shot combos and when you get hungry after all that, $3 dumplings as well. Good bartenders. Good doormen. A  leopard skin pool table. Dancing girls. Awful awful toilets.


Right on Bleecker Street next to the excellent Johns Pizza is Fish. The “Red, White and Blue” deal is key. 6 oysters and a beer or wine for $8. If the weather is nice get the only two seats outside by the window. Watch the oyster man shuck away. Then try not to do the deal more than once. You won’t be able to.

Joe’s Pizza

The key here is what you do with it. Cheap and good pizza. A tricky mix. Served up by Joe Pasquale. Not the renowned joke thief but founder of this favourite pizza joint. My advice is get a slice and a drink. Walk a few minutes to Washington Square park and sit by the fountain. New York bliss.

Calexico Cart

A must. Mexican food sold on the street in Soho. On the corner of Prince and Wooster you will be hit with the brilliant smells from this normal looking street cart. What isn’t normal is the produce. Quite simply brilliant burritos, tacos and quesadillas freshly made by the owners at real decent prices. Since opening they have caused an absolute storm and it’s the best street eat in the city. Also the cheapest place to eat in Soho.

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