Elastic Fantastic: The World's Biggest Bungee Jumps

Sorry abseilers, but when it comes to making a swift drop in altitude, there's only one way to do it. Here are some of the world's most vertigo inducing bungee jumps.
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Not pictured: change of pants.

Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland

A strong contender for the world’s highest commercially operated bungee jump at 722 feet (220 metres), this hydro-electric dam received a fillip from the bungee community when James Bond leaped from it in Goldeneye. You’ll need to book in advance and get a doctor’s note to follow in his foot falls though.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia

Feel the spray from the world’s largest waterfall as you plunge 340 feet (103 metres) from the Victoria Falls Bridge which separates Zimbabwe from Zambia. You’ll need to bring your passport however, as the jump site lies in No Man’s Land between these two countries.

Bhote Kosi, Nepal

Surely one of the most beautiful bungee spots in the world, this 500 foot (152 metres) free fall from a suspension bridge over tropical rain forest and Nepal’s fastest flowing river is a feast for all of your senses – not just the scream reflex.

Goliath, Canada

Unusual to the world of bungee, this 200 foot (61 metres) jump is made from the top of an open cliff face rather than a bridge. Plunge into the perfect blue of a spring fed lagoon at Canada’s highest bungee site, then spend the rest of your day recovering on the beach.

Bloukrans River Bridge, South Africa

Another strong claim for world’s highest bungee jump, the Bloukrans river bridge is certainly the highest single span arch bridge on earth and at 708 feet (216 metres) this is no small leap of faith. Located in South Africa’s Western Cape the jump takes place from a platform suspended under the road bridge.

Europabrucke, Austria

One of Europe’s tallest bridges, this Alpine leap plunges 630 feet (192 metres) into the aptly named Wipp valley below. Located a few miles from Innsbruck, park at the rest stop just beyond the bridge and walk back to the jump station.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA

High above the Arkansas River sits the world’s highest suspension bridge, serving the Royal Gorge Route Railway. At over 1000 feet (320 metres) this is certainly no jump for the faint hearted. Bungee jumping here is a rare and special event so check ahead.

Macau Tower, Macau, Greater China

World bungee pioneer, AJ Hackett’s only China jump site is probably the highest commercially operated jump in the world. At 764 feet (233 metres) into the heart of China’s gambling mecca, the odds are this will be a day out you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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