Travel Yourself Interesting: Turn Your Dull Tweets Into Holidays

Tired of boring tweets? Here's our solution:
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With people tweeting pedantic details about their every move nowadays, it's pretty much a fact of life that most of it's going to be mundane stuff. Many people routinely find their feeds full of such masterpieces as 'just turned the kettle on LOL', and 'my cat just coughed up a hairball, gotta clean it up #sadface'. It can be easy to lose faith in humanity. Let's be honest though, it's not that we're all boring people, it's just that in our day to day lives most people don't really get up to much. But imagine if we all did have something to say. Imagine if our dreary tweetings could be transposed to a different setting, to Hong Kong, Caracas, or Prague. Boiling the kettle just got interesting.

The new Tweet Yourself Interesting campaign plans to do just that. Created by Expedia and Ogilvy and Mather, the campaign lets celebrities and ordinary tweeters send off their mundane tweets with the #TYI hashtag, where they can be "travelled interesting" by the team at Expedia. The campaign kicked off over the weekend with TOWIE star Jessica Wright’s everyday tweet travelling across to New York and turned into a ditty by The Naked Cowboy, which was then turned into a short film and tweeted back to the celeb. This is just the beginning of a wider campaign to turn boring tweets into shareable content at locations across the globe. Some tweeters have been sent sandcastle shaped cakes this week with their tweet written on a flag stuck into the tops, like this lucky tweeter. There are also more prizes on the way, with the chance to win a luxury holiday to Abu Dhabi.

If you're lacking inspiration, here are five yawnsome tweets to get you started:

-"Not enough milk in my cereal this morning, gonna have to buy some more #TYI"

-"Making a Casserole with carrots and beef tonight. Love Casserole #TYI"

-"Just got out of bed and it's cloudy. :( #TYI"

-"Feeling a bit tired today, need some coffee!#TYI"

-"Can't Wait for the weekend. Going Partying LOL #TYI"

There's also a YouTube channel where the films can be watched and shared:

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