Street Art Exhibition Hits Warrington

The best of international street and contemporary art comes to Warrington as part of their first Contemporary Art Festival
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It's hard to know whether to pillory or forgive Warrington. On the one hand it gave the world Ian Brown and Sue Johnston but on the other it spawned Chris Evans, Kerry Katona and Rebekah Brooks. One thing for sure is, despite it not being anywhere on the International Art Scene there are undoubtedly old garage doors, terrace walls and empty office blocks and factories covered in graffiti. Forget the newly gentrified East End of London as outdoor art gallery, the real tagging stars are those that still work with spray on brick and don't have agents. That's not to suggest the world of street artist as commercial success shouldn't be touted around as an example of what could happen.

The people behind the popular Moniker Art Fair are taking their Gossip Well Told exhibition to the Warrington Museum, showing the more famous side of the street art movement. New  and  original  artworks  and  installations  by  internationally recognised  artists including D*Face, Ben Eine, California’s Luke Chueh and South African Faith47 will be on show as part of the first Warrington Contemporary Art Festival. It is also a sneak preview of what can be expected at October’s Moniker Art Fair in London.

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