Hotel Eagles Nest; Himalayan Hideaway

War, snow and christmas are nearly on us... seems like a good time to book a getaway in the foothills of The Himalaya.
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This Sceptered Isle we call home is so bad at dealing with any extreme weather that news of the imminent snow has caused more of a palaver than the impending Nuclear War in Korea.  You are more than aware that it is people’s inane whingeing about ‘the slush’ that will send you under the duvet with a bottle of Jameson’s for company. Normally, we’d be with you, but we’re not having it this year. A mate of ours who seems to be constantly on holiday has just returned from two weeks at The Hotel Eagles Nest in the Himalayan foothills, and he’s so smug about the levels of relaxation he reached that we’re doing everything in our power to convince the gaffer that it would be a great place to hold a planning meeting for 2011.

'Nuclear fallout? We’ll just hide in the shed your Dad built… now leave me alone, I’m off down the shop to buy enough bread and milk to last us until March.'

Surrounded by 2km of cedar and oak in the northern tip of India, the retreat overlooks the Kangra and Kuulu Valleys and also the current residence of the Dalai Lama. Idyllic has been terribly misused by hotel chains and PR companies over the years, but Hotel Eagles Nest has the required mix of beauty and affordable luxury needed to breathe new life into a word, which, let’s face it, looks a bit funny when you type it. You can trek to the snowline, ride a pony, learn Yoga looking out across the valley or, and we fancy a bit of this, play croquet and swim in natural pools without leaving the grounds. In short he insists it was the best place he'd been in years. He was adamant we give it the big thumbs up.

For the less intrepid amongst you there is Satellite TV and a well-stocked DVD library, and each luxury suite comes replete with a marble bathroom, a maid and the services of a driver and porter. Did we also mention that it is only £55 a night?

See you there, then. We’ll be the ones arguing over croquet and saying ‘world domination’ quite a lot. Don’t mind us…

Hotel Eagle's Nest - Upper Dharamkot, Dharamsala, H.P - INDIA

For more information visit Several carriers fly to Chandigarh via New Dehli from the UK, try And to get to Eagles Nest from Chandigarh use this site

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