Hotel VW California: An Adventure Holiday Like No Other

Want to do that California camper van road trip without the actual "having to go all the way to California" bit? Well you're in luck...
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You know how everyone does that boring "regular three-star hotel" thing when they travel around Britain? Like, you might push the boat out and go to a local bed and breakfast if you're feeling REALLY crazy but it's all relatively standard fare, right?

Well, Volkswagen are gonna go out on a whim and push a metaphorical boat out, carpe-ing that diem and setting up a whole bunch of their iconic camper vans as a Californian road-trip inspired pop-up hotel.

It all launches in Henley this weekend, offering guests the first ever chance to sleep on the beautiful Temple Island - made famous by the Henley Royal Regatta and all that lark - for just £35 a night, with all proceeds going to charity.

Cool location, super cool camper van, thirty-five quid. You can't really go wrong, there.

Then, the Hotel VW California will be situated around some of the UK's most beautiful and bold locations this summer. To book a place at the Hotel VW California, you've just gotta visit or if you want to create your own adventure, you can hire a VW California for the weekend from selected dealerships and go wherever you damn well please.