J Crew Globe-Trotter Centenary Collection

The Globe-Trotter Centenary Collection from J Crew is a meticulously crafted luggage set handcrafted by Globe-Trotter, the British company whose luggage has been carried by royalty since 1897.
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Plenty of baggage

With a Vulcan Fibre shell, cotton lining, and leather trim and coming in a shade of yellow – dubbed the ‘in colour of 2009’ – called mimosa the collection is sure to brighten even the most tedious wait at the airport check-in, and you certainly won’t miss it on the carousel. The suitcases are guaranteed to withstand the rigors of travel, or even a one ton elephant (in the unlikely event you encounter one in the departure lounge) thanks to the strength of the exceptionally lightweight vulcan fibre. Available in strictly limited quantities, the collection includes a vanity case, trolley case, suitcase with wheels, and an extra deep suitcase with wheels. You can stand out from the jet-setting crowd with prices ranging from $1000 up to $2400 for the largest case.