Maho Beach: The World's Least Relaxing Seafront

If you like your sunbathing accompanied by a few tons of metal flying metres over your head, Maho Beach in St. Maarten might be perfect for you.
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Whether you're an aircraft enthusiast or really into soiling your pants, Maho Beach of St. Maarten island in the Caribbean, is a heart stoppingly small distance away from runway 10 of Princess Juliana International Airport.

At only 2,180 metres long, all incoming aircraft are forced to skim the heads of brave sunbathers for a safe landing on the airport's shortest runway. If that's not enough excitement for one day the jet blast, as well as blowing any hope of vegetation off the beach, causes huge waves making it a favourite for windsurfers and adrenalin junkies who just want to test their luck. Although, remember that bit in the first episode of Lost where the guy strolling across the beach got sucked into the jet engine?

Nevertheless, not even Hurricane Omar, which rocked the beach back in 2008 leaving it badly damaged, has stopped Maho being one of the most unusual, albeit coronary inducing, tourist attractions in the world.

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