Pebbles Beach House, Rye

100 things we love right now, #96
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This beautiful two bedroom white wooden cottage, Pebbles Beach House, situated at Winchelsea Beach, East Sussex is a bit of a secret of the fashion, music and literary worlds. And it’s no wonder people go and shoot, record or write there, as the back garden – which is all shingle and wild plants – is a space of perfect solitude. The train station in the ancient town of Rye is 4 minutes away by taxi and there’s a late opening Co-Op, pub and a great deli a few minutes walk away. Return to the unmade track the cottage is on, go through the pretty white house and the back garden welcomes you with its privacy. You could be in the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Dorset anywhere.

Winchelsea Beach is stunning and never crowded. David Bowie shot the video for Ashes To Ashes at Pett level end of it at and there are Second World War Pill Boxes guarding the mouth of the River Rother and the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve at the other.

On the other side of the Rother is Camber Sands with it’s amazing dunes, holiday camp and traffic jams, but Winchelsea Beach and Pebbles Beach House is a special must visit place. 

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