The Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World

From Paris to Marrakech
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If you want to fill your life with adventure and excitement, travelling is a fantastic way to do it. When it comes to travelling, the Brits are especially good at it. Well over 80% of Brits take a holiday every year.

So, what are people looking for from a great holiday? According to a VoucherBin survey, people focus on a number of things when booking a holiday. The most essential things include a safe and secure accommodation and financial protection against cancellation. Money is of course an important part of travelling and most people are looking for an affordable holiday with plenty to see and do.

If the above points are important for you when picking a holiday destination, then consider heading out to Marrakech in Morocco. It’s the winner of Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award this year and the average daily budget per person is just £45.12!

You could save even more money by heading out to second spot Siem Reap in Cambodia. The city has stunning Chinese-style architecture and your average daily budget stands around £19.94. If you are all about mouth-watering foods and pamper moments in spas, Istanbul in Turkey is a greatlocation to visit. An average budget of £44.10 might go up once you see the stunning bazaars!

Other top destinations for the year include Hanoi in Vietnam and a few old favourites here in Europe. Rome and Paris are still stunning places to visit, but if you want something different close to home, check out Prague in Czech Republic!


This infographic is courtesy of VoucherBin based on the survey conducted by its research team. It brings up the top destinations for traveling around the world.