The World's Eight Weirdest Restaurants

Fed up with the same old restaurants serving the same old thing? How about the having dinner dangling from a crane or your food served by ninjas?
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Dinner in the Sky, Brussels, Belgium

This high-flying dining concept, developed in the Belgian capital, but now exported around the world, allows diners to imbibe at a table suspended 164 feet (50 metres) above the ground. Dangling from a crane and seating 22 people, the chef’s work from a platform in the middle of the table and a second platform can be reserved for ambient entertainment.

Nocti Vagus Dark Restaurant, Berlin, Germany

Perfect for a blind date, Nocti Vagus in Berlin deliberately keeps its clientele in the dark when it comes to fine dining. Staffed by blind waiting staff and kept in perpetual blackout, the restaurant bills itself as an experience for the senses. We can’t tell you about the decor, but the food is excellent.

The New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad, India

The New Lucky Restaurantin Ahmedabad, India began life as a tea stall outside a centuries-old cemetery. Over the years the restaurant has grown to encompass the aging tombs and now 22 graves, positioned between tables and topped with candles, add a peaceful solemnity to this popular lunch-time spot. Business is brisk however and the owners say that the graves bring them good luck.

Solo Per Due, Vacone, Italy

Perhaps the world’s most romantic restaurant, and certainly the smallest, this exclusive little trat’ only accepts two guests at any time, so there’s no waiting for service or arguments over the best table. Built on the site of the Latin poet, Horace’s country villa, combine fine food and culture with an after dinner wander to the nearby site of Bandusia Fountain, the subject of his most celebrated poem.

Derived from the Mandarin word for ‘toilet’, Marton in Taipei is quite simply the most sanitary restaurant in the world

Marton, Shilin District, Taipei

Derived from the Mandarin word for ‘toilet’, Marton in Taipei is quite simply the most sanitary restaurant in the world. With tables made from porcelain sinks, surrounded by lavatory seating and serving food in miniature bathtubs or loos, the bathroom theme doesn’t deter customers who flock in daily for lunch-time relief.

Moto Cuisine, Chicago, USA

Fast catching up with international foodie icons like elBulli and Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, Homaro Cantu’s Moto is a shrine to molecular gastronomy, the science of flavour combination. Here you will find little in the way of traditional fare. Instead, lasers and liquid nitrogen are put to work on an eclectic mix of world ingredients to create flavours that you simply won’t find elsewhere. We particularly enjoyed the carbonated whole grapes that actually fizz when you bite them.

Alcatraz ER, Tokyo, Japan

Prison food may not sound like much of a draw for this Tokyo institution, however Alcatraz ER in Tokyo’s Shibuya district has been locking up diners for over a decade. In this maximum-security prison and emergency medical room styled eatery, it's Halloween every night. Ghoulish jailers and macabre medics handcuff their patrons to cell room tables, while hypodermic wielding nurses serve up cocktails with names like Acute Mental Stabilizer.

Ninja, New York, USA

Be served by Ninjas, as you dine inside a recreation of Iga and Koga, the birthplace of Ninja warrior lore. The restaurant’s interior is a maze of 22 different rooms, with warriors lurking in every, ornate alcove. You don’t have to watch out for the food however.