What's Hot and Not - French Holiday 2010

Long winded explanations are so last year, so enjoy our guide to France, summed up by a simple 'oui' or 'non'.
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Oui- Portsmouth/Caen
Non - Calais/Dover
Oui - Carisma holidays
Non - Thomson Alfresco/Eurocamp
Oui - Cote Sauvage
Non - Cote D'Azur
Oui - big waves
Non - millpond Med
Oui - The Irish
Non - The English
Oui - Moules et Frites
Non - poulet frites
Oui - Pelforth brune
Non - Leffe
Oui - kayaking
Non - pony trekking
Oui - E.Leclerc
Non - SuperU
Oui - 5€ watches from the Market
Non - bb guns
Oui - chi-chis au sucre
Non - candyfloss
Oui - buying clothes
Non - saving money
Oui - hairbraids
Non - hairclips
Oui - snakes
Non - mosquitoes
Oui - "that's deadly.."
Non - "that's cool.."
Oui - Boden swimming shorts
Non - football shorts
Oui - wearing a cotton sweater in the evening
Non - wearing a t-shirt in the evening
Oui - staying topless all day
Non - covering up
Oui - a tan
Non - staying pale
Oui - Tour De France
Non - Coupe Mondiale

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