10 Reasons Why Dudley Moore Will Always Be Better Than Russell Brand

Brand might be about to star in a remake of Arthur, but the lissom Lothario will always stand in the 'Sex Thimble's' shadow
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i)Russell Brand's had his fair share of hardship but you wouldn't wish Dudley Moore's childhood upon anyone. Born with a club foot, Dud was all but rejected by his mother at birth, Mrs Moore proving unable to see beyond his disability. Years of corrective surgery lay ahead which meant lengthy hospital stays during when Dudley's doctors wrote to his parents urging them to visit their son more frequently. Alas, John and Ada Moore stayed away.

ii) "This is the tale, this is the tale, this is the tale of Alan A'Dale..."

iii) Sandwiches. No one ate sandwiches in as amusing a fashion as Dudley Moore. Here, our hero crams crusts into his face while trying not to laugh on a visit to an art gallery with his old chum/arch nemesis Peter Cook.

iv) In another gem from the sadly incomplete Not Only... But Also archives, Pete fills Dud in on the facts of life - so much funnier than phoning up Andrew Sachs.

v) Ever game for a laugh, here Dudley dares to go three rounds with Animal from The Muppets.

In fact, Pete and Dud wanted to called Bedazzled Raquel Welch so the tagline could read 'Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in Raquel Welch!

vi) Pete might have kept him at arm's length when it came to writing the script for Bedazzled, but Dudley had free reign as far as composing the soundtrack was concerned. Unsurprisingly, the end result's utterly superb.

vii) Brand might have snared Katy Perry and one of the girls out of Eternal who wasn't Louise Redknapp but Dudley's list of conquests included Faye Dunaway, Tuesday Weld and Raquel Welch. In fact, Pete and Dud wanted to called Bedazzled Raquel Welch so the tagline could read 'Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in Raquel Welch!'

viii) Contrary to popular belief, there was more to Moore's American movie career than Foul Play, 10 and Arthur. In 1990's Crazy People, Cuddly Dudley plays an advertising exec who's sent to a mental home following a breakdown. What follows is far from politcally correct but as a satire of advertisiing it takes some beating.

ix) "Bogeys do that - they loop". Sure, Brand might bang on about his 'winky', but beneath the guise of Derek And Clive, Pete and Dud served up real outrage. Warning: this clip features seven uses of the word 'cunt'.

x) As theme songs go, Goodbye-ee takes some beating. Heck, it even sounds good when it's banged out on a Bontempi. For those of you who think Dudley was a one-trick pony, here's Isn't She A Sweetie, a minor hit for Cook and Moore in the mid-'60s and a fine reminder of this lovely, much missed little man.

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