10 Secret Movie Messages You Might Have Missed

Star Wars outs it's hardest warrior, Pacman guests in Tron and Doc Emmett Brown's creepy son plays with his doodle. The top ten clips you won't believe you missed first time round.
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Have you ever been watching a movie, when all of a sudden something gobsmacking happens that you can't believe made it to the final print? From Star Wars to Anchorman, here is a run down of the greatest clips that can take your breath away for their audacity and get you running for those DVDs to see if they're real. They are. Some are deliberate, some mischevious and some just accidental. But they're all there on screen for the world to enjoy.

10) Boba Fett is Gay

According to Bib Fortuna, that is. He was the one who looked like a blue elephant man in Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi. In this clip, he tells C3PO and Princess Leia (in her Bounty Hunter disguise) quite clearly, "He's Gay." Watch this and tell me Boba's not all 'Heyy check me out' in his close up, after it dawns on them Bib wasn't finally outing C-3PO.

9) There's a wolf in my Trousers

What do you do if you're in the middle of a high school gym, people all around and you realise your flies are undone, revealing your plain white underoos for the world to see? You pull down your red jumper and cover it with your jacket, of course. Textbook maneuvre. As seen carried out by the guy behind Michael J Fox as he celebrates winning the game on the bleechers at the end of Teen Wolf. Oops. Nice way to make your film debut.

8) The Anchorman Restaurant

Just before Ron Burgundy gets fired, there's a scene in a mexican restaurant when Veronica and her friend make their plan. To set the scene, they show the sign outside, "Escupimos en su alimento" with the restaurant front. In classic Anchorman style, this is Spanish for "We spit in your food."

7) Hidden Hitchcock

We're all aware of Alfred Hitchcock's cameos in all of his movies, but how did he go about fitting one in 'Lifeboat', his movie that takes place solely in a small lifeboat after a ship has sunk and he wasn't a passenger. Go on, have a guess... Okay, give up? No problem, just have a character reading a paper that contains an advert to 'lose weight fast with a before and after picture. Hitch was, of course, Mr 'Before'.

6) Tron Vs Pacman

In 1982 one videogame star ruled the world. No, not Tron but a bright yellow happy eater symbol that made it cool to chomp pills in darkened rooms and was a licence to shit money. The videogame-as-movie Tron was made that year and features a cameo for the lil pacman fella, on a computer panel as the movie's villain Sark examines the screen nearby.

5) Ferris Bueller, you're my hero

Ferris Bueller is one of my favourite films. I thought I knew it inside out. Perhaps some of you do. Next time you watch it, make a note of all the car registration numbers. They're all the initials of other John Hughes films. Mom drives VCTN (National Lampoon's Vacation), Jeannie drives TBC (The Breakfast Club) and dad drives MMOM (Mr Mom). Rooney's car even references Ferris - 4FBDO.

In classic Anchorman style, this is Spanish for "We spit in your food."

4) Good teenagers, take off your clothes

This is the subject of some debate. On the original VHS of Disney's Aladdin, the boy says 'Good Kitty, down boy." Then he appears to say, "Good teenagers take of your clothes." Okay, maybe it's 'Good Tiger, Take off and go." but that didn't stop thousands of kids at the time thinking they'd found a secret code, swapping bootleg audio recordings and wondering what it all meant. I think it meant you were going through puberty, love.

3) Where's Tyler?

The twist of fight club was clearly pointed out all along. Tyler Durden makes no less than 5 appearances before the character is introduced. Did you spot them all?

1. Edward Norton's makes photocopies when a single frame flash of Tyler appears.

2. Edward Norton talks to the doctor when Tyler appears for a single frame in the background

3. Edward Norton is at the Testicular Cancer support group when Tyler appears for a frame.

4. Edward Norton looks at Marla walking down an alleyway when Tyler makes his last one frame appearance.

5. Edward Norton is sitting on the hotel bed The TV is on and a line of waiters in white uniforms appear on the TV and say, "Welcome". Tyler is the waiter on the far right.

2) Fancy a shit, Dave?

The only intentional joke in the film 2001 is the Zero Gravity toilet instructions. Following an appearance early in the movie, the sheets with full instructions for taking a space dump, using the Sonoshower and 'Moist-Towel' mode were reused whenever they needed to put up instructions next to something. They cover the ship. Play a game and take a drink every time you see one next time it's on.

1) Dick to the Future Part 3

And finally, the pinnacle of weird. Watch the clip where Doc Brown's kids are on the train in Back To The Future 3 and see Lil Verne as he looks straight at you, motions you closer, points to his cock and smiles. Not right in way that just makes you shudder, how this got left on the print is unbelievable. But kudos to the kid for slipping his doodle past the censors, if you get my drift. Even if he does now scare the bejeesus out of me as a result.

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