8 Bank Holiday Guilty Pleasures On Netflix

Turn Friends off and watch one of these instead.
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We all have them – the urges to watch a film so outrageous and so unrealistic it makes your brow furrow and your brain hurt. It could be the outlandishly poor prosthetics, the jokes that make you feel guilty for laughing or the plot lines that seem to go missing almost immediately. 

Here are 8 available on Netflix in the UK and Ireland.

8. Batman: The Movie

Featuring exploding sharks, super-energy reverse polarisers, and a storyline so ridiculous you can't help but laugh 'til you cry. Starring the inimitable Adam West as the titular hero and Burt Ward as his trusty sidekick, this kitsch, silly and rather boisterous feature film from the hit 1960s ABC show somehow stands the test of time – but not because it's incredibly well made or modest. No. It's so outrageously over-the-top you can't help but welcome it with open arms.

7. Under Siege

Between stabbing people in the head, using microwaves as detonators and more than a few pithy one-liners, this film really has everything you could dream of from a raucous action/adventure romp. Before he was considered the perfect honorary consul between the United States and Russia (as put forward by none other than Vladimir-bloody-Putin) Steven Segal made some pretty hard-hitting yet ludicrous, films. Under Siege, and it's naff sequel Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, are both prime examples of this. 

6. Beaches

Following the relationship of two women, one a struggling actor (Bette Midler) and the other a high-flying, well-to-do society girl (Barbara Hershey) as they keep in touch through childhood, adolescence and overly-complex relationships. Told through flashbacks, interspersed with a sprinkling of modern-day biting comedy, it pulls relentlessly at the heartstrings and is definitely an easy watch (with glass of wine and box of tissues at the ready). 

5. White Chicks

If the Terry Crews Vanessa Carlton scene doesn't get you laughing then I think there might be something seriously wrong with you. If you're looking for anything high-brow here, you're clearly in the wrong place, but if you want a film that doesn't take itself seriously, packs in a lot of cheap laughs and gets better with every viewing – then look no further than this Wayans-brothers comedy.

4. Bedazzled

Charting the mishaps and misadventures of Elliot Richards (Brendan Fraser) as he trades his soul with the Devil (Elizabeth Hurley) in return for seven wishes, this hit from 2000 might be a lazily ripped-off Faustian tale, but its comedy value is through the roof. At one memorable moment in an early scene, Fraser's character is totally aghast at the thought of giving up his soul, and he verbalises his understandable anxiety by exalting: “But it's my soul. I can't give you my soul!” To which, Hurley replies, drily: “What are you? James Brown?” 

3. Drag Me to Hell

Is it a comedy? Is it a horror? Is it an attempt at mixing the two together? In truth, 'Drag Me to Hell' is quite a cleverly-constructed film that melds laughs and scares together in an effort to lull the audience into a false sense of security and giddiness only to spring genuinely terrifying events at you a moment later. An underestimated one that deserves your attention.

2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Part rom-com, part slapstick adventure, Kevin James stars in this big-hit festive comedy from 2009 as a down on his luck, loveable security officer stands up to a group of parkour thieves attempting a heist on the mall where he works. The best way to sum up this movie is that it's 'Die Hard' with the twinkie-loving Sergeant Al Powell in the leading role instead of the wise-cracking John McClane. Because although it's full of action, it's a lot less “Yippe Ki-Yay Motherf****r” and a lot more “Hey you! Scooby-Dooby-Doo!” - something clearly getting lost in translation via the catchphrase department, there.

1. Cool Runnings

Immensely cheesy and a little bit off the wall, Cool Runnings hurls a sled-load of terrible jokes at you throughout. Taking so many liberties with the real story you can't help but cringe just a teeny bit - after you do that, though, you realise it's one of the best guilty pleasures there is. Also, 'Cool Runnings' is the last film the late John Candy ever appeared in, which adds quite a bit of weight to its tear-jerking potential.