Acid House Cinema: 10 Clasisc Films About LSD

From gruesome killing sprees to Peter Fonda dancing with a tumble dryer.

The Trip (1967) 

This film was written by a young Jack Nicholson of all people. The star of this cult classic is Peter Fonda who plays a TV-commercial director who decides to experiment with LSD after a divorce. The film can be summed up nicely by a scene where Fonda runs from his home and straight into the local launderette where he starts dancing with a tumble dryer.

The Hallucination Generation (1966) 

The adverts for this movie read "Tonight you are invited to a pill party!" That's something that you'll never see in modern cinema. The film is set around the character Eric, a nasty piece of work that creates his own drugs and slips his homemade concoctions into people’s drinks. The psychedelic sequences in this film really make it make it stand out from the others that were made around this period.

The Tingler (1959) 

Known as a camp cult classic this film stars the famously eccentric Vincent Price, an actor not averse to experimenting with narcotics himself. He plays a doctor who begins investigating the emotion of “fear" and subsequently shoots up LSD and records his experience into a tape recorder. This scene offers an insight into the panic trips induce; the skeleton hanging in his office is seen as a moving figure and the walls of the room close in on him reducing him to a terrified, screaming wreck.

Blue Sunshine (1978)

Jeff Lieberman is a man with a reputation for ground breaking films. This particular outing has a plot that is based around a stolen batch of LSD and the subsequent homicidal killing sprees that ensue after it's taken. The film keeps viewers hooked with its mystery whodunnit theme as a man falsely accused of one of the murders attempts to clear his name.

Wild In The Streets (1968) 

A lighter look at cinematic drug use takes us onto this classic film where Christopher Jones plays a rock star who bizarrely becomes President of the United States. A strong believer that being over 30 years old makes you over the hill he sets up “acid concentration camps” that no one can escape going to, not even his own mother. Despite the movie being labeled as ludicrous at the time, it was nominated for awards in the best film editing category and went on to became a cult classic.

Psych-Out (1968)

Again Jack Nicholson plays a part in this film made at the height of the hippy scene. It stars Susan Strasberg as a 17-year-old runaway who is searching for her lost brother. She meets a guitarist played by Jack and they begin a drug fuelled adventure in a psychedelic painted van. Defying the test of time this movie has even been re-released on Blu Ray so viewers can enjoy the tie dye fashion in all its glory.

Riot On Sunset Strip (1967)

A low budget film where a well behaved and innocent young girl begins hanging around with the wrong people and goes full on into the Californian hippy culture. The star Mimsy Farmer plays young Andrea who breaks into stranger's homes with her friends to party. In one scene she is slipped LSD and goes into freak-out dance routine that is impressive to say the least.

Mantis In Lace (1968)

Do you like your horror films? Do you like them gruesome? Then this is for you. It's about a girl who lures men into an old warehouse and whilst high as a kite on LSD hacks them up with a meat cleaver. There isn’t really much else you need to know.