Arrested Development: "The world’s first analrapist" and other great lines

Arrested Development is returning to our screens so we've put together a list of our 10 favourite lines from the show so far.
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a most unusual police line up.

a most unusual police line up.

Hit comedy Arrested Development is returning for 10 new episodes and a film. With a cast including Jason Bateman, David Cross and Michael Cera and a history of comedy genius, fans and new converts alike will eagerly await the new additions. To whet your appetite for what’s to come, here are 10 of our favourite lines from the show so far.

1.Barry Zuckerhorn reveals to Michael the obstacles stopping him gaining full control of the company, then reveals how he found out about them:

Barry: “So you’re about 2000 shares short of being the majority stock holders. Now unfortunately, it’s a private stock so you can’t just buy up all the shares unless someone is willing to sell.”

Michael: “Are you sure?”

Barry: “That’s what it said on ask Jeeves.”

2.When Lindsay decides to cook for the family, Michael is not impressed:

Lindsay: “Check it out, I found that canned ham and I put it in a pot of boiling water, guess what I’m calling it!”

Michael: “Soup?”

Lindsay: “Hot ham water.”

3.Gob runs into linguistic difficulties with an Spanish actor he meets:

Gob: “Hey guy, tell me you’re the actor who’s playing Marta’s brother, Tio.”

Spanish Actor: “Como?”

Gob: “Oh you’re gonna be in a coma, all right.”

4.Having revealed that his father has been arrested, Michael realises his family’s priorities may be slightly off:

Michael: “They’re keeping Dad in jail until this whole thing gets sorted out.

Family: [Silence]

Michael: “Also, I’ve been told the company’s expense accounts have been frozen.”

Family: [Gasps]

Michael: “Interesting. I would have expected that after “They’re keeping Dad in jail.””

5.Uncle Jack, while perched on the balcony railings, assumes that his assistant is holding him in place. He isn’t:

Michael: “Do you think you should be perched on the edge of the building like this?”

Uncle Jack: “Oh, Dragon’s got me.”

Michael: “Dragon’s in the bathroom.”

Uncle Jack: “MAMA!”

6.Maebe asks fashion advice from Michael, but doesn’t quite grasp his response:

Maebe: “Do you guys know where I could get one of those gold T-shaped pendants?”

Michael: “That’s a cross.”

Maebe: “Across from where?”

7.Tobias defends his career history in a questionable manor:

Tobias: “Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over – an analyst and a therapist. The world’s first analrapist.”

8.George Sr let’s Michael know his feelings towards the British:

Michael: “British people.”

George Sr: “Oh, they’re polite and the men all sound gay, but they will rip out your heart… And their breath!”

9. Buster reveals to George Sr that he’s taken up sports and George Sr lets him know why he didn’t play as a child:

George Sr: “You were just a turd out there. You couldn’t kick, you couldn’t run, you were just a turd!


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