Blue Bloods: The Next Series To Get Addicted To

So, you've seen every episode of The Wire, 24 and The Sopranos, twice. You're clearly a telly addict, and we've got your next fix all lined up. Say hello to Tom Selleck and the brilliant cop drama Blue Bloods.
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Cast your mind back. Picture a red Ferrari, Hawaiian shirt, tight shorts, Nike Cortez and a Vietnam veteran mooching off his rich war buddy whom he saved. Yes, Magnum PI and Mr Tom “this is how you wear a ‘tache” Selleck is back on our screen on Sky Atlantic in Blue Bloods.  Actually the first series is just about coming to an end and you may have already watched it but if you have, isn’t it good?

Tom is former Marine, Vietnam vet (hold on, is this Magnum in later life?) and current NYC Police Chief Frank Reagan and the NYC Police Department seems something of a family business as second Son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg, I’ll come back to him) is a senior detective, Daughter Erin a Public Defender and James a rookie cop who decided not to use his Harvard degree but learn the beat with NYPD Blue favourite Nick Turturro. Franks dad, Henry is a former Chief of Police and a further son who was killed on duty some years before.

The thin blue does exist, and it has a ‘tache.

The action is slick and the storyline moves quickly which seems a little odd at first as we have been accustomed to long running storylines with series such as 24, The Soprano’s, The Wire and even more recently Boardwalk Empire. Wahlberg is excellent as the no-nonsense Detective Reagan, I don’t remember him in anything that hinted at how good he is before. He was a junkie in Sixth Sense and part of an ensemble in Band of Brothers but that’s a few years back.  Watch out Marky Mark, your big brother is back with a bang.

Each episode contains at least one scene where they sit around the dinner table and discuss one of the matters of the day and it can be a fairly clear cut moral issue or a legal matter where strong policing and public defending are at odds. The kids are allowed to join in and are not shielded from the adult themes so in a way it’s quite a progressive and moral family based show which is comforting to watch. It gives you the impression that there are good guys out there who are putting it on the line for the little man and that the thin blue does exist and it has a ‘tache.

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