Bosch: Your Next Favourite TV Crime Series

100 things we love right now #77
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I haven’t checked the Harry Bosch message board to see how the Amazon Prime adaptation of Michael Connelly’s LA based wayward detective has gone down, but I’m enjoying it.

There’s the physical difference to get your head around. In the books Harry Bosch is described as looking like Kurt Vonnegut - a moustache and dark curly hair. In the the TV series the actor Titus Weaver has short silvery blonde hair, but we can sit here and split hairs or concentrate on the plots, characters, look and feel. All of which are enjoyable.

Crime literature fans already had to bite a sizeable piece of leather and try not to scream when 5ft-something Tom Cruise played Lawrence Dalaglio-sized Jack Reacher, so if you can swallow that you can live with the TV Bosch.

I occasionally find myself wondering if I’d be watching the series if I hadn’t been a fan of the books, but the show is stylish, changes pace and looks good. Weaver plays a sort of nonchalant cop who goes his own way, loves his daughter and his jazz, and gets through the day doggedly pursuing the case whilst slaloming distractions from powers that be and the bad guys.

You can see the second series in the States, but if you’re in the UK and haven't watched them yet, it might be worth upgrading your Amazon account. Or more importantly, if you just want to delve into a back catalogue of crime novels which will have you hooked, try Michael Connelly.