Brad Pitt's 5 Greatest Scenes

Brad Pitt’s latest flick, Killing Them Softly, is released tonight and according to reviews showcases Brad at his best. Here’s five more examples of why he's Hollywood's favourite lead.


In anticipation of Killing Them Softly, we have decided to cast an eye over Brad Pitt's astoundingly strong filmography and attempt to pick out his five best scenes. Take a look at suggestions and tell us if you are in surprised agreement or in vehement opposition. Do you prefer 12 Monkeys anti consumerist tracts to those in Fight Club? Are we missing some Tarantino inspired goodness from Inglorious Basterds? 

1) Tyler Durden - Fight Club

"The Eight Rules Of Fight Club"

With a filmography as strong as Pitt's is, it's hard to pick out one film as iconic. Yet if there is one role that everyone has seen, one role that everyone remembers it is Tyler Durden in Fight Club. Alongside Kurt Cobain and Renton from Trainspotting,  Tyler Durden was the ultimate Generation X anti-hero; a charismatic two-fingered salute to the rampant consumerism and materialism of the 90s. There are countless scenes to choose from in Fight Club, and even more lines of rebellious wisdom from Tyler Durden yet if there's one we all remember it's those all important rules. Don't talk about fight club...

2) Detective David Mills - Se7en

"The Box"

In this unforgettable scene, Pitt may have had a slightly unfair advantage; he had fellow legends Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey alongside him. Yet even alongside such esteemed company it is Pitt who steals the show in Se7en's final scene. Pitt plays the human face we can all relate to; it is his devastating lack of comprehension of the madness around him that stays with the audience after the credits roll.


3) Mickey O'Neil - Snatch

"It's Just Pikey"

This was never going to be a role to pick up Oscar nominations for Pitt, yet it is one that showcases perhaps one of his more under-appreciated talents: the ability to be very fucking funny. It doesn't matter that you can't understand much of what he's saying, or if the accent is particularly accurate. What matters is that you laugh and how can anyone resist a chuckle at this nonsensical gypsy.

4) Billy Beane - Moneyball

"Is Losing Fun?"

To date this is the role for which Brad Pitt has received most "Best Actor" nominations, 19 in total including one from the Academy. Moneyball is a film built entirely around Pitt's tour de force performance. The film is less about baseball and more about one man's struggle (Pitt's Billy Beane) to implement a revolutionary idea in an antiquated world. Pitt perfectly encapsulates a man struggling to keep faith in himself as he tries to win over everyone else's. The standout scene from the film has to be this post-match "team talk" - a masterful representation of repressed frustration and anger.

5) Chad Feldheimer - Burn After Reading

"Appearances Can Be Deceptive"

Unlike those previously mentioned, Burn After Reading is far from a universally acclaimed classic. The film itself is inconsistent and fails to do justice to the talents of its directors, the Coen Brothers, and its stellar cast featuring John Malkovich, Frances Mcdormand and George Clooney alongside Pitt. Yet every scene featuring Brad's lovable baffoon Chad Feldheimer is pure comedy gold. Chad knows literally nothing about anything beyond his gym so watching him trying to blackmail the CIA can only be hilarious. In this scene Malkovich does his best to grab out attention by screaming his head off, but nothing can top Pitt's ridiculous eyes...

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