Breaking Bad Fans: Give Your Kid the Walter White Baby-Grow

As Breaking Bad fans everywhere recover from the big finale and try to work out just what they're going to do with themselves now that it's all over, in the meantime you can at least dress your child like a miniature Walter White...
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Today is a sad day for millions of people across the globe. What could create this worldwide mass mourning session you may wonder? Last night's screening of the last ever episode of American mega-hit Breaking Bad, of course.

The show has been a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, with viewers hooked since 2008 on the adventures of high school Chemistry teacher turned crystal meth drug don and lung cancer sufferer Walter White, as he attempts to leave a financial legacy for his family.

Yes, you will have to find a new box set to watch. And no, you probably shouldn't try and replicate Walt's actions at home. But if you've got a young child at home biting at your ankles, this baby-grow is a nice little nod to one of the greatest television shows of all time. Let's just hope your kid doesn't grow up to become a massive crystal meth dealer...

Get the Nippaz with Attitude baby-grow here.



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