Breaking Bad Fan Gets World's Worst Heisenberg Tattoo

Breaking Bad: TV phenomenon yes, but cool tattoo idea? If done right, maybe. If done this fucking awfully? Might be time to ask for your money back...
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Breaking Bad is officially over. Cue Walter White withdrawal the world over, as we all come to terms with the end of one of the best TV shows, well, ever.

But how to commemorate the passing of such a television great? Buying the updated series 1-5 boxset would be a start, or maybe getting a t-shirt or something. But inking yourself? Quite extreme.

And when your Heisenberg has a Michael Jackson esque nose, a squiggly line moustache and the weirdest chin around asides from Gail Platt on Corrie, you may wish you'd have put the tattoo needle down...


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