Christopher Walken’s 6 Best Moments

From watches up arses to the history of the Sicilian people...
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There aren’t many actors like Christopher Walken. Simultaneously terrifying and mesmerising, Walken has been owning scenes since the mid-60s. In celebration of the screen legend, here’s a run down of the great man’s best scenes. Please don’t use this as the inspiration to try and do a Christopher Walken impression. We’ve had enough. Otherwise, enjoy...

Pulp Fiction (1994) - The Golden Watch

We all know Tarantino’s 1994 effort is a diamond encrusted classic, full of powerful performances from the whole cast, but for my money, the stand out scene has to be this one of Christopher Walken’s Captain Koons passing on a watch to the young Butch Coolridge. Walken’s got a lot to play with with Tarantino’s fantastic script, but ultimately, it’s the delivery that makes this scene a classic. Watch out for the high inflection on ‘he’d be damned!’

True Romance (1993)- The Sicilian Scene

It takes two to tango with some juicy dialogue (once again courtesy of Quentin Tarantino) and here Dennis Hopper gives his best against Walken’s Sicilian mobster. If you haven’t seen the film, the jist of the scene is that Walken is after Hopper’s son, after the young gun wacked pimp Drexel and made off with a suitcase full of gak. The highlight has to be Walken’s emphasis on ‘fuckhead’.


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King of New York (1990) - I Want In

This it’s how it’s done! A real gentleman will always conduct business in this way. Remember though, I want a cut of any money you make by doing this. A nickel bag gets sold in the park? I want in. YOU’RE ALL WELCOME.

The Deer Hunter (1978)- One Last Shot

One of the tensest scenes in history, and it’s all based on that Revels advert from a few years back. Walken is brilliant here, carrying the whole thing off with an expression so stony you could gravel your driveway with his face. A great performance in a great movie. DeNiro isn’t bad either.

Batman Returns (1992) - Curiosity Killed The Cat

Tim Burton’s second pass at the Batman franchise is easily one of the best 3 batmovies. Walken’s turn as businessman and all round c-u-next tuesday Max Schreck is one of the reason’s for this. In typical gothic Burton style, Walken’s hair is insane while his performance remains cool and collected, with rage constantly simmering just below the surface. Michelle Pheiffer’s end/beginning showcases his talents perfectly.

Fatboy Slim- Weapon Of Choice

Just watch those moves. Fatboy Slim’s 2001 music video won six awards at the MTV Video Movie Award and yet again cemented just how cool Christopher Walken is.

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