FILM: Don't You Know Who I Am?

100 things we love right now #90
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I came across this gem of a short this morning by way of Twitter. It’s magnificent. “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” follows grieving musician Rick Rossi as he stumbles around Galway while mourning the death of his best friend Pete, who was also the lead singer in his band, Fragrance Free. All Rick wants is to be left alone, to mourn, and to try come to terms with his loss. He’s come to Galway, as he’s been assured that it’s the perfect place to disappear and that it’s a place where the people aren’t impressed by something as trivial as celebrity—in short, a place where he’ll be left alone.

It turns out the good people of Galway are pretty much like the good people of Yorkshire, or New York, or anywhere in world, really. They’re very much in the, “I don’t mean to bother you but…” and then they’ll go right ahead and bother you anyway mold.

Staring Larry Love (of Alabama 3 infamy), written by Olaf Tyaransen (Irish author, journalist, and poet) and directed by Paul Duane (director of all sorts of stuff) and featuring music from Alabama 3, Fat White Family, and Stevie Decibel, “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” is an engrossing 15-minute-long comedic study of our relationship with and reaction to celebrity, and also, to a lesser degree, the expectations of celebrities themselves.

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