As Lost airs its final episode at a truly ungodly hour, we get together five of the most annoying parts of the series - just in case you'd lost them from memory.
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On the eve of the final episode of Lost, what do the creators decide to do for the ultimate piss-off: move it to 5 o’clock in the morning. Well, they’re ending as they began and continued on through six torturous seasons – with annoyance, confusion and ultimate despair as to why you're still watching.

So, in order to bid the Dharma Initiative, Kate, Jack, the weird smoke monster and The Others a final goodbye, we thought we’d compile a list of five of the most annoying parts in its long drawn-out history to piss you off all over again.

1. No kid will ever be known as Walt for the foreseeable future. I understand the close bond between a father and his son, but is there any need to shout his name seven million times in a whiny voice that almost certainly made Walt disappear in the first place. One last time, “WAAALLLTTTTT!!!”

2. The Numbers – 4 8 15 16 23 42 – what is the point anyway? Okay, so they’re fundamental to Lost and recur throughout the series: sent out of the TV screen to plague us. But really they were just the syndicate lottery numbers that the one and only week they came up trumps, the creator had been too busy trying to think of creative ways to annoy us that he forgot to put his quid in.

3. How can polar bears survive on a tropical island? Global warming at its best.

4. The way everyone says each others name with such importance; Faraday, Lepidus, Walt, Jack, Kate, Sawyer - god forbid anyone wasn’t too busy running the wrong way from The Others that they could just pronounce it normally.

5. The smoke monster. A dark pillar of smoke "that makes a tikka tikka noise and looks pissed off.” Need I say more?

Love it or hate it, the end of Lost will leave many people all over the world feeling, well quite frankly, lost. And perhaps that it is the final irony, from the moment you starting watching back in 2004 you were fated until this moment, the final episode  – but now you must get up at 5 o' clock on a Monday morning to see it through. Bugger.

But would you get up for any other?