Here's Why You Need To Watch The Wolf Of Wall Street At The Cinema

Forget Scorsese's directing, forget Di Caprio's acting, THIS is why you need to get comfortable and watch the film on the big screen...
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This is the first time I have had the pleasure of viewing a Scorsese picture in the cinema: as a baby-faced nineteen year old lad, it was almost impossible not to have my ID checked before.

You have to watch this film in the cinema. Not at home on some shite link. Not at your mates house on a differen shite link. You have to watch it in the cinema. And the reason for this, is Margot Robbie.

Margot Robbie. Bit of a weird name, but I’m not arsed, its unique and I like it. She plays Leonardo DiCaprio’s second wife, Naomi Lapaglia, in the film. She is 10 out of 10 and I am not exaggerating. She makes Jennifer Lawrence in ‘American Hustle’ look dead average. Dead average. She's the subject of lines such as, “I would fuck her if she was my sister” and “I would let her give me AIDS”. However crude, these are two arguably very accurate and very appropriate lines from the film.

Now, seeing her fully naked, on that massive fucking screen in the cinema, without sounding like a creep, is fucking incredible. Her class and elegance, combined with the ruthlessness, the sexiness, the complete and utter 10/10 face and body combination, results in the character Margot Robbie plays being the best thing about the film.

I guarantee that after the film, all you will do, for an hour and a half, is scroll contently through the pictures of her on Google images. That’s what I did, and you will do exactly the same. I know you will. The first time I Googled her I forgot to click 'images' and learnt she’s from the Gold Coast in Australia. That makes her fitter. She’s twenty three. The perfect age. She used to be in Neighbours. Who doesn’t like Neighbours?


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Something inside me tells me, that this perfection will not get its full justice anywhere other than a cinema screen.

I don’t need to talk about anything else to do with Wolf of Wall Street. I don’t need to bring up how intelligently written, directed and performed the whole thing is. I don’t need to bother to talk about Jonah Hill stepping up to another serious role after the success of ‘Moneyball’, and again performing, and again managing to be fucking hilarious. I don’t need to talk about DiCaprio’s captivating, mesmerising, surely-to-god Oscar winning performance as the New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort. I don’t even need to bring up the many magical Scorsese cinematic shots that as an audience, we have come to expect, treasure, and adore.

I don’t need to talk about any of them things, because Margot Robbie is absolutely spot-on and that is a good enough reason to go and watch Wolf of Wall Street in the cinema. I swear down, you will regret it if you don’t.

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