I Need A Dodge: Joe Strummer On The Run In 1986

After the break-up of The Clash, Strummer disappeared to Spain and, amongst other things, lost his car. This new film delves into the heart of this period and the psyche of a man who was falling apart...
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'I Need a Dodge!' Trailer from Tindog films on Vimeo.

The late, great Joe Strummer is something of a hero in the ST offices so when we heard about this new film we couldn’t try and help quickly enough.

In 1986, frayed at the ages after the demise of The Clash, Strummer fled to Spain to try and put himself back together. While he was there he ended up producing an album for the band 091, dressed like a lumberjack and left his Dodge in a Madrid car park when he flew home for the birth of his daughter, Lola. On his return, he couldn’t remember where he'd left it, and in the 90s appealed to listeners to Spanish Radio 3 to try and help him find his beloved Dodge.

In this film, Nick Hall journeys to the heart of Joe and speaks to a variety of people who knew him at this tumultuous period in his life. The trailer looks ace and if you want to help with music and archive licensing costs you can make a donation via Crowdfunding at the link below.

Amongst the contributors so far are San Francisco based jean company TELLASON, who have donated some of their John Graham Mellor jeans, which of course is Strummer’s birth name.

You can donate to the project here

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