Somebody Made Cakes In The Shape Of Mad Max Vehicles

100 things we love right now #86
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Mad Max Fury Road’s creepy bad guy Immortan Joe may have delighted in calling things “mediocre”, but it’s not a word you can throw at these cakes.

These sweet treats take the form of the War Rig driven by Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa and the stacked amp, fire-spitting madness of everybody’s favourite guitar player, Coma Doof Warrior.


They are the work of Yenna Susanty, owner of Only Y designer cakes. She has previously whipped up an amazing Millenium Falcon and a Drogon from Game of Thrones which could be enough to inspire George RR Martin to hurry up and write the rest of the books.

Yenna - a fan of the high-octane sequel starring Tom Hardy - originally created them as birthday surprise for her husband, but they have since captured the internet’s imagination after she posted the results.


Suffice to say, if Max Rockatansky got his hands on these, he would be beyond the hungerdome.