Mad Men: The Wit and Wisdom of Roger Sterling

Don might be cool but no-one does a one-liner like Roger Sterling, as this ace new book shows.
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We can understand why men would want to look like Don Draper, but surely no-one would actually wanna be him, right? The man makes the angst suffered by Alexander Portnoy in Phillip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint appear piffling by comparison. OK, so Betty is pretty, but she’s too blonde and too perfect. In fact, if Collins does an illustrated dictionary anytime soon, she’ll be there filed under F. Next to frigid rather than fu… you get the picture. Maybe Don has moved on, but he’s hardly happy…

Roger Sterling is the diametric opposite to Don. Where Don is grey, he’s black and white. When Don worries, he drinks. When Don comes across all caring and sits and talks to a girl, Roger plays horsey with her twin sister and has a heart attack. And, and this is possibly the best clincher in history, he gets to devour every inch of Joanie Holloway’s pneumatic figure. Every. Last. Inch. Time. And. Time. Again. The rotten bastard.

Roger is fun, Roger is rich, and he’s got a tongue so silver that you could melt it down and sell it to the Arabs. If we were compiling a list of Sabotage Times heroes, old Rog would be right up there, no doubt about it. He exudes a confidence and joie de vivre that we’d all love to bottle, which is why we’re as excited at the release of this book as Roger is when he catches a glimpse of Joanie sashaying down the corridor and closes his eyes in joyous remembrance.

Sterling's Gold: Wit & Wisdom of an Ad Man is available to buy from November 18th from

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