Made in Chelsea, Episode 7: Bromance, Biscuits And Bowel Movements

A confectionary is bastardised (or is it?), Rosie's flatter than a pancake and it's a platonic relationship for Millie and Hugo down on the King's Road...
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Ah, Chelsea. I’m not sure anything could top the drama of Mark Francis’ domestic issues last week, but this episode promises to be an explosive one. I’ve had a bit of a heads up from my “sources” (trailers for the show and the Daily Mail website) that there’s more Millie and Hugo drama on the way. I’ve also found out that Millie’s millions come from Quality Street, which her Grandad invented, and not shilling cookies at railway stations. I’ve always thought that a Quality Street was the chavvy Christmas chocolate, preferring a Rose or Celebration but I’m going to be rethinking my confectionary needs this festive season.

The episode starts with Millie’s BFF Caggie greeting her cousin Alice, who according to Cagg “looks really well” - Caggie, we KNOW you only say that to make people feel fat. Alice appears to be in her mid-thirties - I think I recognise her from a cameo in Saved by the Bell: The College Years - so I’m quite surprised to discover that she’s just about to start uni. Perhaps she’s a mature student. She announces that after a Spanish holiday fling, she’s “single and ready to mingle!” a phrase less likely to get you laid than the act of rubbing a skunk on your pulse points. Still, Caggie and Alice construct a pulling plan, even though Cagg is still the property of boyfriend Proudlock, having branded herself with a matching dangly cross earring from Claire’s Accessories.

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