Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson Reveals Exactly How Spencer Smells

Made In Chelsea's hottest star appears in a exclusive sexy photoshoot and reveals to @notrollergirl which of the show's cast members have the best and worst style...
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Fans of Sabotage Times' Made In Chelsea blogs by Daisy Buchanan will love her brilliant interview and photo shoot with Louise Thompson on the brand new Topman Generation website. Daisy sat down with the Made In Chelsea star to get the lowdown on the best-dressed cast members, the worst dressed Chelsea dogs and touring Bolivia. Accompanying the interview is an out there photo-shoot of Louise Thompson in a stylish bra and flanked by two foot-soldiers from international modelling agencies. Something for everyone.

Topman Generation: Which male cast member would you most like to restyle?
Louise Thompson: Richard. I don't really think he has a style, so that could be improved. It's nice when someone's style reflects their personality but he wears too eclectic a mixture of things, it's undefinable.

Topman Generation: Which MIC boy is getting it right? Who would you let dress you up for a night out?
Louise Thompson: Proudlock always gets it right. His outfits stand out from the others without being too garish. And I know for fact that he has good taste in women's clothes too.

Topman Generation: Does Spencer have a signature scent?
Louise Thompson: He likes Terre d'Hermes and Creed Milléssimé Impérialé... I prefer Creed.. I think it has pheromones in it, or something

Topman Generation: What do you think would happen if Mark Francis wore the wrong sort of linen in Capri?
Louise Thompson: It would never happen. Apparently, he dictates what's right and wrong in Capri.

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