Man Of Steel Trailer: Can Zack Snyder Be A Super Director?

Serious, realistic, epic and beautiful; the trailer for the latest Superman film bares all the hallmarks of its producer Chris Nolan. But will 300 director Zack Snyder screw it up?
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Every cloud has a silver lining, but for Christopher Nolan fanboys depressed that there will be no more Dark Knight installments, the cloud is royal blue, scarlet red and lined with yellow. Is it a Bond adaptation? Is it Inception 2? No, it's Superman!

Or, Man Of Steel, DC's rebooting of the Superman character after Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" failed to launch a follow up film. Singer's effort was enjoyable enough, and made a Warners a truckload of money, but it could not escape the shadow of  the more original, more challenging and more exciting films from Gotham. By every count Nolan's Batman was better. The Dark Knight trilogy signaled a new dawn of respectability for the superhero movie.

Fans will be therefore be universally relieved that Christopher Nolan is overseeing the return of the "Man Of Steel" to our screens. The tone of the trailer suggests that "Man Of Steel" will take a similarly serious tone as Nolan's Gotham trilogy. What may be more divisive, however, is the presence of Zack Snyder as the film's director.

There are plenty of detractors who see Snyder as the very personification of style over substance.

Snyder's work is nearly always visually rich, with a detailed and stylish aesthetic. Yet for all of those who admire his graphic slow-mos and particular colour palettes there are plenty more detractors who see Snyder as the very personification of style over substance. With thematically flimsy films such as 300 and Sucker Punch in his filmography, it can't be argued that Snyder isn't a director guilty of over - indulgence. Yet when he gets it right, as he did with "Dawn of the Dead" and "Watchmen" his films feature engaging characters, arresting plot and genuine emotion alongside a spectacular cinematic canvas.

Judging by this short teaser, Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder could potentially be the perfect partnership. The visuals still look good, but they are far from superfluous. The one clip of Superman in action that we see isn't thrust in our faces with a loud crash bang and a wallop. Instead it's a simple but striking image of our hero in the air. The Dark Knight may be gone, but the Man of Steel is an able replacement.

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