My First TV Crush: Paula Wilcox On Man About The House

While everybody else at school was drooling over the blonde bombshell Sally Thomsett, I only had eyes for her Man About the House co-star, Paula Wilcox.
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Early seventies, naturally I was a baby (lie), and on TV was the hugely successful Man About The House.

Bushy side boarded Richard O Sullivan was the lucky and lusty devil, flat sharing with Sally Thomsett and Paula Wilcox. Wacky seventies fashions, eccentric landlords down stairs and life in swinging seventies London. How exciting it looked from our sofa in Leeds.

School next day was always awash with the lasses swapping Osmond and Cassidy pictures, the  oxford bag clad lads discussing Revie’s boys and everyone lusting over Sally Thomsett—you know the one, pretty round face, lovely blonde hair, eye wateringly tight trousers and terrible acting.


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Well, all except one lad in the corner.. step forward me. Always one for not following the crowd, I'd foolishly once declared I preferred Bolan to Slade and received a clout from Dave “hooky” Leach. (wonder what ever happened to good old “hooky”.)  Wrestling with my love from Jenny Hanley from Magpie, regular watching of Man about the House drew me further into the spell of the beautiful Paula Wilcox. Brunette, round eyed and feisty, Paula always gave as good as she got and although not a natural beauty, she had a raunchiness which for me Thomsett lacked .. oh yes and she could act though I don’t think that was a great issue at the time.

Thomsett seemed to disappear of the radar many years ago but the lovely Paula still keeps cropping up and ageing pretty well to.

Also a big shout out for Sally James of Tiswas, the only kids show where one minute you were rockin’ to the Jam and Motorhead, next drooling over the mighty Sal dressed as a St Tinian’s school girl .. happy days