Poor Hugh Hefner's Been Jilted But These A-Listers Got Married In Style

The unfortunate Playboy legend has been dumped before he got to the altar. These previously unseen photos show happier days from behind the scenes at some of Hollywood and Rock music's greatest pairings.
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Poor old Hugh Hefner's been given the heave ho but if you want a dose of real glamour look no further than Weddings and Movie Stars. With many previously unreleased images this is a luxurious collection of wedding photos of many a Hollywood and music icon. Gems include the lowkey ceremonies of John and Yoko through to Liz Taylor's epic 700 guest reception, The Rat Pack getting married off to memorable wedding themed stills from films such as The Graduate.

Whether the couples ended in tragedy or were a true romance, the photos document marital moments from almost every star imaginable from the 1920s onwards. Guaranteed to be much more interesting than being forced to flick through your mates out-of-focus wedding day shots on Facebook.

Weddings and Movie Stars is published by Reel Art Press. RRP £50

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