Sabotage Times Xmas List: DVDs

Dear Santa, we've been good boys and girls at Sabotage Times this year. So instead of the usual lump of coal you bring us, how about some of the best DVD's around instead?
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The Inbetweeners Series 1-3

Series 3 might not have touched the dizzying heights of Series' 1&2, but it was still twice as funny as most things currently on TV. Buying the box-set might seem a bit unnecessary seeing as its repeated 100 times a week, but then how would you be able to sit down with Great Aunt Gloria on Christmas Day and watch with glee as she recoils at Simon getting a hand job?

The Twilight Zone

Just incase your Sunday afternoons weren't quite warped enough normally, you can now own all 156 episodes of the groundbreaking American mind bender, The Twilight Zone, squeezed onto DVD. It's rammed full of extras as well and the 28 discs stretch to well over the 4,500 minute mark so be careful not to let it take over your life.

The Trip

Firstly, if you didn't see this when it was on BBC, you should kick yourself. Coogan and Brydon are brilliant together on screen, and with the lines between fiction and reality blurring, The Trip provided some of the most gentle, and laugh out loud funny, moments of 2010. Both play up to their stereotypes without it seeming contrived as they career around the best restaurants in the North of England.

True Blood: Seasons 1&2

Not everyone's cup of claret, but True Blood contains enough brilliant characters (Jason Stackhouse is worth it alone) sex, drugs, murder, beautiful women, even more beautiful Vampires and backwards bonkers action to keep you happy for a couple of weeks. If you hang on, Series 3 will be along soon, but as you can get this for as little as £15 at the moment it's worth a pop.

Sons of Anarchy: Seasons 1&2

Season 3 has recently finished in the states but won't be out for a while. One of the most underrated, and unseen, offerings from the production line of great American TV, Sons' focuses on the trials, tribulations and flat out madness of a Hells Angels chapter in California. With Ron Pearlman on sparkling form as the leader trying to preserve the Sons' status, and a great supporting cast of well-scripted characters, it is much, much better than it looks in the trailers.

The Larry Sanders Show: The Complete Series

The long wait is finally over. Garry Shandling's twisted comedy about a talk show and it's host has finally landed, in its entirety on DVD. The show that wrote the book on brave American comedy has been lovingly collated into a seventeen disc set. Whether you're a die-hard fan or completely new to it, it's an essential part of anyone's DVD collection.

24: The Complete Series

Ok, fair point, it got a bit mental around series four but 24 is, at its best, a rollocking good TV series with enough suspension to keep James Corden afloat. Because we're nice, we're considering commissioning one of our writers to do the whole box-set in real-time, without sleep, possibly between xmas and New Year. Any takers?

Dad's Army: The Complete Collection

Anyone turning their noses up at a collection featuring the antics of the boys from Walmington-on-Sea should be ashamed. A study in how to make people laugh without resorting to profanity or ridicule (take note Frankie Boyle, you speccy Scottish twat) Dad's Army still stands up today, as we found out when watching it with one of the ST juniors.

Columbo: The Complete Series Box-Set

Everyone's* favourite raincoat clad, cigar loving, television detective has been lovingly packaged in this elaborate box-set for you awkwardly stack with the rest of your DVDs. Featuring every televised episode of his series over 35 discs as well as 2 bonus episodes, Mrs Columbo and the two series pilots.  (*not mine though, mine's Poirot)

Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season

The hotly anticipated second season of the jaw-droopingly good Breaking Bad is available just in time to fill a few stockings. For the uninitiated, BB is the story of a high school chemistry teacher who, after being diagnosed with a terminal disease, turns to a life of dealing drugs with one of his students. Yes, it's actually as good as it sounds.

The Corner: The Complete Mini-Series

With the recent splurge of gritty dramas emerging onto our screens in the wake of The Wire, HBO's mini-series The Corner has become all the more interesting. Written and produced by David Simon, some two years before he would go on to create The Wire, it's the Emmy award winning tale of a family caught in the cross fire between drugs and poverty. A must for fans of "The best TV show ever made."

The Pacific

With a budget that makes Waterworld look like an am dram production of Waiting for Godot, The Pacific, screened earlier this year on Sky, is Hanks & Spielberg's latest war offering. Telling the story of the Marines'  horrific task of stopping the Japanese, the battlefield action is the greatest yet seen on film. While flaccid and overly-emotional at times, it is a vital purchase for anyone wishing to learn more of this often-ovelooked part in the halting of Fascism.

Foghorn Leghorn and Friends

And finally, for the DVD collection that has everything, everyone's favourite 'loudmouthed schnook' has made it onto his own DVD this year. Featuring 15 classic episodes and the kind of speech patterns that would make Corrie's Fred Elliot wince, Foghorn Leghorn's first solo venture into the home entertainment market makes a top stocking filler.

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