Save Shooting Stars!

Welcome, whoever you are... A couple of years ago no one would have cared but cancelling Shooting Stars NOW, when it’s back on top form, is crazy.
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When Shooting Stars first appeared on the BBC no-one had ever seen anything like it. A celebrity panel show where minor slebs answered nonsensical questions interrupted by Vic, Bob and henchmen playing various odd characters or larking around in irrelevant film clips. It was ace; a panel show pastiche that ironically became the most entertaining panel show ever.

Then it went a bit cack, then it ended up on BBC Choice and was still a bit cack. Then they stopped making them. If the BBC had decided to call an end to the show then it would have made sense and no-one would really have cared. It had been fun while it lasted and there’d always be the best clips on YouTube to remind us of the good old days.

But then it unexpectedly reappeared about 3 years ago and was back on form. Then it got better. Then the last series (which finished a few weeks ago) saw the show undeniably back on top form. A couple of episodes were as funny as anything Vic and Bob have ever done. Now the BBC have cancelled it because, ‘In future there will be less space on BBC Two for comedy panel shows.' Well get rid of Buzzcocks, then. That’s well past its sell-by date. Get rid of the snide, boy’s club cock-fight Mock The Week. Don’t kick Vic and Bob into touch just when they’re right back at their best.

If the BBC doesn’t learn how to maintain relationships with our best comedy stars we will lose the old guard to the questionable bosom of commercial influences, something that has already started to happen. Right now the best place to find new comedy from old acts is Youtube. How did it come to pass that Fosters fucking lager are the only active benefactor of heritage comedy shows? In the last couple of years they’ve brought us new Partridge, new Vic & Bob and new Fast Show - all comedy that we used to enjoy on the BBC.

The Beeb obviously needs to cut costs but Shooting Stars isn’t expensive TV and I for one don’t want to see something that is so obviously enjoying a second summer cut down so lesser shows can continue. Save Our Shooting Stars.

And now, for no good reason whatsoever, some gratuitously funny clips…….

Geordie Jeans



Angelos Rave

Jack Dee Opera

Vic’s Sausage

Carry On Camping

Good Sex Guide

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