Someone Put Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas Through Google's Deep Dream

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Most of us will have heard of the Google Deep Dream application. But just in case you haven’t here is an explanation in simple terms…

The ‘Deep Dream’ artificial intelligence system works by taking a selected image and pushing layers of artificial neurons upon it to build up certain aspects, subsequently turning it into something that it previously wasn’t.

Basically, the DD algorithm makes ordinary images look like full on LSD trips. Warning: this stuff will haunt your nightmares and is guaranteed to freak you out.

Now this is bad enough when used on pretty ordinary pictures, selfies and family photos for example. What would be generated though if this breakthrough algorithm was applied to something that is already way out there? A film that is already immensely trippy? A film like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, perhaps?

If you are feeling curious, you can watch the video below.

This 1998 classic starring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro already has a reputation for being the best film to watch when you are under any kind of influence, with its bizarrely shot scenes and drug induced storyline.

Throw into the mix Google’s DD and an extra layer of psychedelic madness appears over what is already a surreal piece of cinema. Sit back and watch people’s faces twist, deform and melt into basset hounds, fish and all kinds of other animals.

Despite it haunting your dreams tonight it is a lot of fun and will show you what having a horrendous acid trip is like without actually having to go through it all.