The 10 Lamest Movie Posters Of All Time

Sometimes movie posters perhaps try just a bit too hard (or not at all), and sometimes they are just plain shit. Here are 10 of the worst.
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1. Taking Care of Business (1990)

James Belushi steals a man's identity via his filofax (ha!) and sets about getting rich and having loads of fun on a square's money (and stealing his job and girlfriend). Because you know how funny identity theft is, right? He also shows what a total wanker he really is in the poster and leaves you under no illusion that he may be a nice guy.

2. Filofax (1990)

Same film again, but with a different title for us stupid Brits. The only real difference is that James Belushi looks more of a douchebag wanker with a backwards baseball cap. Interesting to imagine both poster scenarios being photographs rather than drawings.

3. Chairman of the Board (1998)

I knew this Carrot Top guy was whacky, but riding a surfboard through a board meeting? That is just 100% crazy. Official synopsis is that "A surfer becomes the head of a major company". After seeing this film, people have been known to seek out videos of animal torture to relax their minds. An amusing aspect to this poster is imagining the aftermath of his "surf" and just how he got all that water in the office anyway.

4. Teen Wolf Too (1987)

Todd Howard has three problems. Firstly he is a werewolf (which is apparently cool and not scary), secondly he is loosing friends (the same friends his cousin had in the first one) and thirdly, he only reads books with titles that are dog/wolf related puns. Like some sort of cursed Richard Stilgoe.

5. Mr Mom (1983)

Michael Keaton's floating, legless wife leaves him home alone to look after the kids and he looks at her like he will one day slit her throat while she sleeps.

6. Soul Man (1986)

Looking at C. Thomas Howell in this poster, you would think he knows something funny that you don't. Truth is of course, he certainly does. He knows he signed up to be in a film in which he blacks up in order to get into Harvard. It is important to remember that C. Thomas Howell never really worked again. Who's laughing now, Honky?

7. Mannequin (1987)

The poster declares that some guys have all the luck. This must be another kind of luck that I was previously unaware of; one where you get to screw a mannequin while all your friends suspect you are screwing a mannequin.

8. Smokey and the Bandit 3 (1983)

A poster that for once reflects the quality of the film. Nice touch with the fire and semen stains. Again, a poster that becomes even more fun when imagined as a photograph.

9. The Boys in Blue (1983)

1983 seems to be a good (woeful) year for posters. Bobby Ball and Tommy Cannon reveal their true form. Like some sort of horrible sequel to ‘The Thing’, the boys are joined in a painfully unfunny circle of self-hate.

10. Superman 3 (1983)

Richard Pryor has a face like he is about to be entered by 100 of the world’s horniest bulls, while Superman looks on smugly, even though one of his legs is missing.

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