The 5 Most Disturbing Kid’s Shows

Chances are you’ve probably never realised just how fucked up a lot of kid’s TV really is. Here's the top 5 nightmare-inducing shows.
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Think Teletubbies on acid. The entire concept of this show is a bunch of psychedelic blobs dancing around in a supposedly educational manner. Aside from making no sense and probably inducing seizures, The Boohbahs are some of the creepiest creatures on children’s TV. I’d love to know what the creators were on when they thought this up.

The Ren and Stimpy Show

This is a show about a mentally unstable Chihuahua and an idiotic cat, which of course screams kid’s TV. One of the most controversial TV shows of the 90s, Ren and Stimpy features a host of sexual innuendos and graphic violence that definitely puts it more on par with South Park than The Rugrats. The creator was fired by Nickelodeon after finally crossing the line and making an episode that was deemed to violent when Ren beat another character to death with an oar.


Jigsaw was a relatively normal children’s show that mainly featured jigsaw puzzles being solved by the type of overenthusiastic adults that you’d expect to see playing games all day. The biggest puzzle is where they came up with the idea for Mr Noseybonk, a demonic puppet who spends his time growing giant sex toys in his greenhouse and being generally terrifying.


A child being terrorised by talking hats and a petrifying magician passed as children’s entertainment in the 70s. Low budget special effects and cheap puppetry added to the disorienting feeling of this nightmarish show, which was thankfully only able to terrorise children for 2 years before it was cancelled. Warning: an animated musical film adaption is underway. Yes, really.

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Undoubtedly the most eerily surreal cartoon on TV, but at least this one was meant to be scary. Between terrifying apparitions of ancient Egyptians and an evil cat with his own giant man-eating spiders, it’s still a wonder how this was ever allowed on children’s TV, but I’m so glad it was. Aside from the downright disturbing plots, it was funny, light-hearted and even touching at moments. Well, when Courage wasn’t finding decapitated heads in his basement…