The 5 Most Fucked Up Moments Of The Walking Dead Season 4

Season 4 is drawing to a close and it’s safe to say that this has been the most shocking series yet, which is a big feat for a show where the death toll is only beaten by Game of Thrones. Contains spoilers, obviously.
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5. Carl’s ‘Fuck You’ to Rick

Carl Grimes’ transformation from cute kid into stroppy, know-it-all teenager was finally completed after he managed to kill 3 zombies and boasted about it to his unconscious dad. I mean, they are notoriously slow and he did have a gun, and even then he still fell over and nearly had his throat ripped out. But he didn’t mention that during his rant about how useless he thought his dad was and how many people his dad had failed to save. However, Carl’s speech about not needing Rick and ‘making it on his own’ would have been a lot more convincing if he didn’t follow it up by breaking down and admitting he does in fact need his dad, just a few hours later.

4. The Governor Shoots Meghan

The Walking Dead clearly has no quandaries when it comes to killing off children, and demonstrated this by letting poor little Meghan get bitten while playing alone, too far away for her mum to help her (really?!). Lily carrying her dead daughter into the middle of the battle for the prison was some sort of subtle ‘fuck you’ to The Governor, who had promised to keep them both safe. But, what was really shocking was The Governor’s complete lack of remorse when he shot the dead Meghan in the head to stop her reanimating, considering the kind of creepy way he replaced his own dead daughter with her.


3. Carol’s Abandonment

It came as a shock to everyone when our favourite ex-doormat-turned-badass Carol revealed it was her that had began killing off anyone that sneezed. Trying to rid a confined space of a deadly disease is definitely justifiable, but apparently not so when it comes to self-appointed leader Rick. After driving Carol to an abandoned suburban street and making her help him search for supplies, Rick presented Carol with a car and sent her on way. It was sad to say bye to Carol, who was finally turning into an interesting character, but with flu season coming up, it was probably for the best.



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2. Hershel’s Beheading

With Hershel spending all of seasons 3 and 4 on his last leg (literally), it seemed inevitable that he’d soon be joining his severed limb in the land of the deceased. It took until everyone’s favourite love-to-hate villain, The Governor, held him at sword point for Hershel’s time to be up, but at least his death sparked a pretty cool battle. Apparently the katana that Michonne can use to chop a zombie in half at the torso with one swoop wasn’t much of a match for Hershel’s neck, and it took The Governor several attempts to detach poor Hershel’s head from his body. Watching The Governor determinedly hack away at Hershel’s neck while war broke out around him was gruesome to watch, but it was a good reminder of just how sadistic he really is.


1. Lizzie kills Mika


The biggest WTF moment from the whole show. With an entire episode based around Mika’s unwillingness to kill and sister Lizzie’s belief that the undead, flesh-craving monsters are actually her friends, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that these siblings probably wouldn’t be making it to season 5. But no one could have foreseen sweet little Lizzie stood over her sister’s corpse, drenched in blood and clinging to a huge knife, in a scene that probably would have been more at home in the Scream franchise. Lizzie deciding to kill her sister to prove that the zombies are 'just like us' wasn't the only horrifying moment of the episode. Equally as shocking was Carol’s homage to Of Mice and Men as she shot Lizzie in the back of the head, after agreeing that the murderous 11-year-old needed to die.