The 6 Best Comic Book Movie Deaths

Many comic book characters are virtually indestructible. Sure, Superman will get a kryptonite splinter every now and again and Batman occasionally gets his back broken but it's nothing they need to see their GP about. But, when a character does croak they usually go out in style...
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The Comedian (Watchmen)

Murdered in the opening scene by an unknown assassin whilst Nat King Cole's 'Unforgettable' eerily plays in the background on The Comedians television. Injections of Zach Snyders signature slow motion accompany the fights scene as The Comedian gets thrown across his apartment like a rag doll before having his fingers chopped off and then thrown through his window to fall to his death. As he is about to be thrown and blood drips onto his watchmen badge he mutters "Its a joke, its all a joke, mother forgive me"

Big Daddy (Kick Ass)

Most of us would like to see Nicholas Cage burned alive in the majority of his movies but he actually did a good job on Big Daddy. Kick Ass and Big Daddy are being held hostage by the mob and are about to be the subject of a viral execution until daughter Hit Girl arrives and starts splitting wigs. One of the criminals manages to light the petrol covering Big Daddy however and he is left frantically shouting orders to his daughter whilst he is burning. Hit girl kicks ass but its too late to save her dad.

Magneto ignores professor X's pleas and forces a coin slowly through Shaw's skull, the same coin he couldn't move when he was younger which lead to Shaw shooting his mother. A villain dethroning another.

Sebastien Shaw (X-Men: First Class)

This power hungry mutant meets his death by another power hungry mutant (Magneto). Magneto finds Shaw in a secret compartment of his submarine and after being smashed into the walls manages to remove Shaw's 'Magneto' helmet so Charles Xavier can access Shaw's mind to control him. Magneto ignores professor X's pleas and forces a coin slowly through Shaw's skull, the same coin he couldn't move when he was younger which lead to Shaw shooting his mother. A villain dethroning another.

Harlen Maguire (Road to Perdition)

In the 2002 adaptation of the graphic novel Jude Law plays photographer/assasin Harlen Maguire and meets his demise whilst carrying out his signature of photographing his victims before they die. He tracks down mob enforcer Michael Sullivan (Tom Hanks) and his son and after shooting Sullivan finds himself being held at gun point by Sullivan's son. The boy cant pull the trigger however and a dying Sullivan shoots Maguire in the back. Bad guy killing bad guy for good reason will always be a great death scene.

Junior Roark (Sin City)

Serial child killer Junior Roark aka the yellow bastard gets shot several times by cop Jon Hartigan who is trying to save young girl Nancy (Bruce Willis) This results in Hartigan getting framed for all of Juniors crimes. Skip forward 8 years and Hartigan is finally released and in search of young Nancy. What he doesn't realise is he is being followed by a strange disfigured yellow bastard that turns out to be Junior Roark. Junior leaves Hartigan hanging by a noose and goes back to finish what he started 8 years ago on a more mature Nancy.

Hartigan brakes loose and finds Rourke, the heroic cop fakes a heart attack then stabs rourke. "I take away his weapon, both of them" By both of them he means his genitals and then he proceeds to punch his face into the ground, a grotty, gruesome sin city-esk death.

Rorschach (Watchmen)

Zach Snyder certainly knows how to cinematically kill off a hero. The most sociopathic member of The Watchmen has a profound sense of right from wrong. Which means he cant stand for villain Ozymandia's plan of saving the world by bringing it together to fight a common enemy (Dr Manhattan) "Never compromised, not even in the face of Armageddon" He mutters as he walks out into the Antarctic frost where he is met by Dr Manhattan.

The god like Manhattan can't let Rorschach return and expose the lie that is Ozymandia's new utopia.

Rorschach rips off his mask and says "What are you waiting it!" Manhattan explodes him leaving a Rorschach styled pattern on the snow.

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