The 6 Minute Long Gangster Film You Need To See

The Fly is a short crime comedy by British filmmaker Olly Williams, and it's fucking brilliant.
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The Fly is filled with tension, gore and humour. It's made with a gritty style that comfortably puts it in the same mould of classic movies such as Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels, Layer Cake and Snatch.

The incredible fact that sets this film apart from all the others is that it's only 6 minutes long.

To avoid any spoilers, check out the film here before reading on.

The genius of this short film lays in the tension that is built up over such a small period of time. A bank heist is underway and the getaway driver has the relatively straightforward job of sitting and waiting for a few minutes, ensuring he stays focused and alert. Things do not go to plan as a trapped fly in the car proves to be enough of a distraction to tip the obviously wired driver over the edge. In a scene reminiscent of a famous Breaking Bad episode, the star becomes totally obsessed with ensuring the insect is dealt with. The actor Jack Doolan portrays the role with such ferocity that in the scene where he is stabbing the airbag with a knife, he actually sunk the blade into his hand. The result of this is that the blood you see on him is real.

The budget was so small that the car used was actually owned by the filmmaker Olly Williams himself and he sacrificed it for his project. It was a worthwhile investment as this short story is gaining a lot of attention and rightly so. There is something fascinating about watching this man descend into madness and you will not be able to turn away until you know what happens when those bank doors open and his partners in crime return, expecting to be driven away.

The Fly is another positive product of the great British film industry and a masterpiece of a short film.