The 9 Best Fictional Badgers

In honor of one of nature's most unappreciated creatures, here are nine of the best fictional badgers
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Badger- Bodger And Badger

The character that led to a generation of children trying to feed wild animals mash potato. I like to think of Badger as the classy type, maybe the mad aristocrat of badgers, swanning about humans with his beret chucking mash around like it bloody grows on trees.

Mr Badger- The Wind In The Willows

Mr Badger may be a bit of a moody lad, but his fighting skills when it comes to facing up to the Wid Wooders is something of legend. An elderly badger that whacks stouts? Beautiful

Friar Tuck- Robin Hood

Everyone's forgotten favourite Disney film has it all: a singing rooster, a weirdly attractive fox and a giant clerical badger. Robin may be the hero of this story, but you can't watch it without loving and rooting for Friar Tuck.

Dante The Racist Badger- The Mighty Boosh

'The Crack Fox,' is not only one of The Mighty Boosh's greatest characters and episodes, it also has one of the best character's mentioned in passing, "Dante the racist badger.' We know little about said badger or the roots of his hatred, except his fondness of punting, cucumber sandwiches and shooting 'bloody whites.'

Badgers-The Simpsons

A brief appearance, but a memorable one, culminating in it's mauling of Homer. Then again, it might be Milhouse.

Clive Badger- Fantastic Mr Fox

Roald Dahl's book paints Clive in the simple role of a father and conscientious friend of Mr Fox. In Wes Anderson's film he's a demolitions expert voiced by Bill Murray. I know which incarnation I prefer.

Numerous badgers- Badgers

The catchiest video on the internet, forever teaching us to value mushrooms and avoid snakes.

Hufflepuff badger- Harry Potter

Slytherin gets a snake, Ravenclaw gets an eagle, Gryffindor gets a lion and Hufflepuff gets...a badger? Apparently it represents passivity and sweet  nature, though I guess J. K Rowling never met Homer Simpson's badger.

Bold- The Animals Of Farthing Wood

One for 90's kids. My saturday mornings were always brightened by seeing the adventures of these plucky woodland creatures. Badger was second in command to fox, a father figure, whose special bond with mole made us all realise that friendship across species could happen. His passing in the television show still traumatises me today, along with bambi's mother's death, and the faint memories I have of enjoying programming by Rolf Harris.