The Top 5 Films On TV This Week

There's a Streepy-weeper, a Del Toro classic and a gunge-splattered 80s blockbuster coming up on the box over the next 7 days...
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This week we take you on a cinematic journey through the emotional legacy of a holocaust survivor, the underhand ways of a seasoned con artist, around South America, via the spooky true events of a narrowly missed demonic disaster and finishing up in the world of the 1980s’ Samurai. As ever if you would like more tips for free films on TV every day, or you just fancy a game of #WithTeaAndBiscuits, follow us on Twitter @topfilmtip.

Sunday 7th October

Agonizing survivor's guilt & soulful sorrow as self destructive holocaust victim Meryl Streep delivers a tangibly visceral, Oscar winning performance in heavy drama SOPHIE’S CHOICE at the inexplicable time of 01:10am on ITV3.


Twists and turns that will keep you guessing to the end when a callow young con artist is trained up by a life long pro for a career making job. English language remake of Argentinian crime caper Nine Queens- CRIMINAL plays at 11:20pm on TCM.

Monday 8th October

A certain young man, destined to lead a revolution, has his eyes opened to the health and wealth gap between rich and poor in South American road movie / true story THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES at 11pm on Film4.

Wednesday 10th October

This astonishing documentary charts the unprecedented real life events of 1984 when three maverick scientists (and another guy) averted a supernatural catastrophe in New York City by using theories and technology spurned by the mainstream scientific community. Remember well the lessons and sacrifices of these modern day heroes in GHOSTBUSTERS at 7:50 pm on 5*.


A down and out American boxer finds himself drawn into a Japanese fraternal blood feud over possession of a sacred samurai katana. Blood, guts and arrows fly in the best 1980's action/fight film you’ve never seen when rare treat THE CHALLENGE airs at 9pm on TCM.

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