They're Making A Goosebumps Film

90s kid brain overload...
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The Goosebumps series of books are an integral part of the '90s kid DNA. If you didn't have one of the brightly coloured, textured covers on your desk for 'reading time' at school you weren't shit. Simple as that. 

The books, which were later made into a TV series along the lines of Are You Afraid of the Dark, became cult favourites in a pre-Harry Potter world. Pulp fiction for the pre-pubescent.

Fortunately for us Hollywood is currently locked in an overpowering fog of nostalgia, and has decided to make a Goosebumps film, due out in Autumn. 

Starring Jack Black as author RL Stine, the film reintroduces a whole host of OG characters 'unlocked' from their original manuscripts. Just take our money now.