Top 5 Films To Watch On TV This Week

This week we bring you the best of new-school British coming of age drama, some old-school British horror, brain bending Sci Fi and an award winning heartbreaker.
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Saturday 1st September

Seeking solace, an elderly Korean woman struggles in a male dominated society whilst mourning a girl who took her own life after being brutally raped. Complex & intricate Cannes Film Festival award winning drama Poetry airs at 00:55am on Channel4.

Sunday 2nd September

A troubled boy’s life falls apart as he finds friendship & failed father figures amongst a gang of skinheads. Shane Meadows’ matchless, semi-autobiographical, coming-of-age drama This Is England plays at 9pmon Film4.


Insecurity & idiosyncrasy, first love & first loss as a teenage boy tries to prevent his Mum having an affair with a fraudulent psychic whilst simultaneously compromising his principles in order to woo a the subject of his infatuation. Richard Ayoade's exceptionally moving coming-of-age comedy drama Submarine airs at 11:15pm on Channel4

Wednesday 5th September-

Bruce Willis stars as a crazed man, thrown through time on orders to prevent the apocalypse that has already happened. Encompassing psychological strain, personal doubt, stunning imagery and elements of Greek tragedy- Terry Gilliam’s Ouroboros-ian masterpiece Twelve Monkeys plays at 11pm on SyFy.

Friday 7th September

A righteous Christian policeman seeks out the truth in the pagan islands of Scotland and is tempted and confronted with the antithetical horror of (the original) The Wicker Manat 9pm on ITV4.

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