Top 5 Films To Watch On Tv This Week

Ever seen Liam Neeson as a bare-knuckle fighter in a film with a score by Ennio Morricone? Well that's just one of the treats you need to set your digital box to record this week...
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This week we take you on a cinematic journey in and out of love, back and forth in time, to a Celtic punch up, the edge of mortality and through the consequences of honour and honesty in India. As ever, if you would like daily tips for the best films on TV you can follow us on Twitter @TopFilmTip.

Saturday 29th September

Quite simply, this film is an unusually brilliant non-rom-com regarding the epic highs and crushing lows of unrequited love with depth and subtly. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER plays at 9:00pm on Film4.

Sunday 30th September

A time travelling Oedipus woos his own mum, makes a bully eat horse poo, invents rock ‘n’ roll, befriends a crazed Doc’ and manages to hit 88 mph in an Irish sports car when BACK TO THE FUTURE airs at 6:35pm on ITV2.

Scottish criminals convince a cash strapped Liam Neeson to compete in a bare knuckle fistfight

Monday 1st October

Ennio Morricone provides the score as Scottish criminals convince a cash strapped Liam Neeson to compete in a bare knuckle fistfight in the aptly titled, rare treat THE BIG MAN at 00:15am on BBC1.

Wednesday 3rd October

After trading with a tourist, a young girl’s new acquisition causes widespread jealously for residents of a rural Indian village, but when it then goes missing the social fall out and suspicions of theft snowball in unexpected ways. The beautifully filmed morality tale THE BLUE UMBRELLA plays at 01:35am on Channel4.

Friday 5th October

An immigrant taxi driver forms an unlikely friendship with his suicidal fare. As each person begins to affect the other in greater and greater ways, where can their literal and metaphorical journey possibly end? Find out in GOODBYE SOLO at 00:55am on BBC2.

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